Friday, March 3, 2017

me --some good stuff {solsc day 3}

I'm a Slytherin--Head of House in my high school's Harry Potter club, as a matter of fact.
I am hard-working, full-of-energy (at least while at work!) and always ready to lend a helping hand.

Despite all the obstacles life has thrown my way, I
-get things done.
-make life work.
- take pride in a job well done and always seek to do more, learn more, grow myself

I'm a giver and a doer.
I am a reader and a thinker.
I'm a talker and a listener.
I am a leader with a servant's heart.
I love the spotlight, and I love helping others achieve their moment in the sun.

I work at being salt & light even on those days when I'm feeling throat-punchy.
I love the lines that show I've spent my years laughing often.
I believe in win-win.
I am loyal and steadfast and true.
I am an extrovert with hobbit-ish tendencies at night and in the winter months.

I am a warrior, but I'm not made of stone.


  1. Well this is fun! But a Slytherin?!?!?! ;)

    1. Ha! yep. Totally. We're not all evil, you know. Merlin was a Slytherin. It comes with the loving-the-spotlight thing and the natural leader bit. :)

  2. You are all these things! Plus an awesome friend & mentor.

  3. I hate the spotlight, but I love helping others achieve their moment in the sun.

    I won't hold your Slytherin status against you!