Monday, March 6, 2017

rainy days & mondays {solsc day 6}

I can hear Karen Carpenter's lush soothing voice singing the lyrics.  I woke up with them in my head this morning. Rainy Mondays always do that to me.

But they don't get me down.  I really, really love them.

A rainy Monday just seems like the perfect way to enter the work week. It seems gentler, somehow; I guess.  I get the coffee going--the smell wafts delightfully through the library. I turn on the twinkle lights on the St. Paddy's day tree.  Kids are curled up on couches, chairs, and bean bags.

Books and rainy days just seem to go together. There's a coziness in the library on a day like today that is special. A certain rare hush that falls; a protective magical spell that the rain weaves over all of us.

Ah, rainy Mondays are simply lovely.


  1. OK. That really made me want to curl up and read. Thanks!

  2. One of the many things I love about my library is that I have 3 walls of windows and get to enjoy the weather without actually being in the weather.

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  4. There is nothing better than getting to curl up and read and look up to watch the rain outside. We're in for a storm tonight, and I'm so excited to do just that! (Also, I saw your link on the SOL17 page, and this song was INSTANTLY in my head--thanks for including the link! I totally listened to it while I read your post!) Here's to hoping Tuesday is just as gentle and cozy! :)