Thursday, March 16, 2017

love bombs via snail mail {solsc day 16}

I received a second envelope in the mail today with a beautiful and mysterious photo inside.  I got the other one around Valentine's.  What fun! I kept meaning to figure out where the first one came from right after I got it, but you know--life.

However, getting the second one while one spring break has its bonuses.  Chiefly, I had time right then and there to stop what I was doing and figure out this little mystery.

Turns out I got the best secret Santa sister in the whole wide world.  I mean, I knew that when we did our actual secret sister gift exchange, but it was really a one-time thing we were signing up to do.  I never even thought about carrying it on longer, but WOW!

She definitely has a gift for knowing how to make people feel special.  This totally speaks to my love language, and my love for snail mail. I had a pen pal back in my elementary school days (well, we kept writing for years and still send the occasional card, but do most of our communicating via Facebook these days).  I can remember well the rush of excitement when I saw the British stamps on an airmail envelope with my name on it  I feel the same when I get an Uppercase box--loads of giddy anticipation.

I've been collecting pins on Pinterest for a bit about snail mail, but hadn't really done anything with it yet.  The universe has just whispered about one way I can begin.  It doesn't' have to be something huge to add gorgeousness to the world and be meaningful.  It just needs to whisper--hey you there---you matter.  I thought of you today.


  1. I agree with you; there is something so special about getting mail these days. What a pleasant surprise!

  2. I still go to the mailbox every day with my fingers crossed that there will be something that will brighten my day. Usually it's bills and junk mail, but every once in a while I get that thrilled filling you talk about here.

  3. Snail mail does have a certain specialness to it doesn't it?