Sunday, March 5, 2017

me: some ugly stuff {solsc day 5}

{part 3 in my 3-part the good, the bad, the ugly series}

I am not a neat freak.
I do not suffer from nor enjoy OCD in any way that makes my spaces particularly tidy.
I like vintage salt-n-pepper shakers and other whimsical tchotchkes.
I love to unwind by watching bad TV.

I drink coffee with creamer, Coca-Cola, and can absolutely enjoy wine from a box should the occasion call for such as that. 

My school kids often say---
oh, you love every book and everybody,
        name someone you actually don't like---
IF I were to go through my entire list from childhood on,
Brother, you'd be graduated and gone before I could list 'em all. 

I'm pushing 50 and I still don't always take all my makeup off before bed, 
or have an actual skincare regimen.
I don't spend enough time working out or working on my novel. 
I love to spend my first waking hour on the weekends silently drinking my coffee and catching up on my social media.

I am judgy of folks who attach metal cow testicles to the back up their pickup trucks
Or spend money to have something like "Vanilla Puddin" written on their back window.
Bless their hearts.
Unless I taught them. 
Then I love them anyway. 
I judge them extra if they're my cousins. 

I'm not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but I'm solidly and unabashedly me. 


  1. I'm standing right there with you judging the truck testicles people! Lol

  2. Being judgmental is definitely something I struggle with. Argh. I clicked over to your post because I was intrigued by your series title--what a fun take on self analysis! And now I have that tune in my head from the movie.