Monday, March 31, 2014

Ain't no goals like pirate goals!

Today is officially the last day of my Two Writing Teachers Slice of Life writing challenge, and the day before Camp NaNoWriMo and month 2 of my YAB Bootcamp begins.  I think it is incredibly important as a Teacher-Librarian, as well as a writer-in-progress to push myself to keep growing my passions.  It means I'm walking the walk I ask my students to walk.

So, it looks like it is time to set a few new goals.  For the month, and smaller for the week. Here goes:

Month of April:

  • Now that I've completely revamped my POV and my MC I need to start.completely.over on my WIP.  This is GOOD news, and I'm pumped about it. Time to make some magic.
  • By magic, I mean:  actually write.  Since receiving some really helpful feedback I've been working on some important pre-writing stuff like figuring out how the heck this new version begins.
  • April is a busy month.  A very busy month. For one thing, I will be gone for several days to the Texas Library Association's conference, with zero writing-on-my-novel time.  I am SO excited about this conference---and believe me, I'll be taking notes and I'll be doing plenty of people-watching (and also picking the brains of published authors every chance I get!) but I'm going to do myself a favor and NOT set myself up for failure by creating a massive word count for this week.  Ain't. gonna. happen. and I'm okay with that.

1st week of April:

  • Write EVERY day this week.  Move the story forward.  Get this first chapter rewritten. 
  • I'll be giving the STAAR test 2 days this week.  This gives me plenty of think time.  Might as well put it to good use, right?  While I can't actually write anything down until after the testing, I can do plenty of working things out in my head while I'm pacing the room like a tiger in a cage.
  • Since my YAB bootcamp team captain has mentioned creating a new BINGO board for the month of April.  Bingo goal?  Get one this week!

Let's do this!

Mrs. S

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  1. Sonja, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your goals for April!! First, I think you are doing an amazing thing by re-writing your opening chapter. I know that this is a HUGE deal, but I also know you can write the heck out of this and make it aaaahhhhh---mazing!! I mean it.

    Plus, I love that you're going to a Library Conference this month. I didn't get to go this year (we take turns), so I missed out on some great workshops and author talks. Take advantage of it. You might not be writing, but you'll be learning lots to forward your career (both as a librarian and as a writer). Enjoy!

    And go get that Bingo card tomorrow! It's filled with fun stuff this month. I want to see photos! :-)

    I'm right behind you in April! Every step of the marvelous way!