Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Dream a little dream....or a BIG one (Slice of Life Day 12)

I was hanging out on Twitter a bit earlier this evening when I came across a tweet by a fellow slicer, Deb Day with a link to her newest slice.  The scariest one to write, yet, she said.

I was intrigued.

I agree, Deb.  I agree that it must have been scary to put yourself out there, but also scary to dream this big---and I couldn't agree more with your ideas.

Other than teaching at Hogwarts, I can't think of a better description for a cool learning environment than you've described.  (okay, but Hogwarts would be flippin' AMAZING, right?)

I've done a lot of thinking and dreaming recently about what my dream library would look like, feel like, sound like, smell like, and be like.  Keeping ONE thing in mind (student learning) and creating a Learning Commons around that ONE thing is exciting to think about.

Picture this: areas of quiet and semi-solitude for those who need time for quiet reflection, contemplation, dreaming and thinking as they write, plan, research, read as well as working-noisy areas for brainstorming and collaborating with others in small (or large) groups with smart boards.  ebooks and various types of amazing technology as well as traditional books and print magazines.  A holodeck/skype/facetime center so that students can seek out experts in the field virtually at any given time as well as old-school real folk being available. A cozy fireplace with comfy chairs and the warm smell of coffee wafting through the air---perfect for book discussion groups.  Multiple areas for interactive display.  Moveable walls and bookshelves for ease of reconfiguration as needed.  Dimmer switches on lighting, by area.  Lamps.  (need I say plenty of floor electric plugs?) Charging stations for students.  iPad bars.  Makerspaces complete with 3-D printers and a mini-graphic design studio to help students really make their projects POP. Lunch and Learns that are student-centered, and student-driven.  book trailer stations (remember the old kiosk-type stands in music stores that you could preview the new albums on?  I'm thinking THIS, but updated).  A mini-conference room that looks like the TARDIS (because everyone needs a touch of whip-smart whimsy) and plenty of natural lighting.  If I'm going big then I'm also going to include a great coffee/tea/hot cocoa bar with warm scones (we have a culinary arts department AND....who can think creatively with a growling tummy?--just adding that in my lovely dream nothing is ever spilled and students always clean up after themselves.)

I could continue...but it is getting late and I have a drive to Austin tomorrow.
Before I go, though--just one more thank you to Deb and her amazing post.

Let's all dream big and move forward and see what magic we can make!

Read on, Gentle Readers; Read on.

Mrs. S


  1. I would probably get caught hanging out in your new library, rather than teaching, if I could work with you in this dream space! I love the way your list adds the perfect amount of detail for me to envision all of the pieces you lay out without becoming overwhelmed. I was drawn in, and by the end, I was quite sure I could smell your scones and coffee! :)

  2. I want to teach at Hogwarts too! Wouldn't that be amazing?
    Your library could be in my new school. It could be one of the learning studios where learners go to hang out, read, learn something new.....

  3. There's so much to love about your dream library! And I think you should print this. Post it on your mirror. Look at it until you meet a friend who just happens to be an architect or interior designer...just for the fun of it!

    And I love the line about no spills and students who clean up after themselves! I think I live in a similar dream world much of the time!