Saturday, March 15, 2014

Home again, home again (my SOL Day 15)

photo from via Google images 

We are coming to the end of spring break.  It has been a chilly, rainy Saturday and we spent the bulk of it on the road coming home from a short visit with my mom.  Four hours on the road.  In the rain--at times torrential downpour in nature, at times gentle and sleepy.  

One of my brothers and his family live in Mom's area, and it is always so much fun to get all the little cousins together for some special family fun time.  We shopped, we cooked together, we ate, we played.  A house filled with 5 children, however, is never quiet.  At least, in my family.  :)  Did I mention 3 of the 5 are 4 year olds?  And 2 of those are twins?  Yeah, quiet is not the word here.

We had a great time, and I remembered something very important.  Even though my writing goals and challenges are very important to me, and even though I love writing, sometimes that must be set to the side.  Rather than feeling frustrated or melancholy about that I will embrace these fleeting moments of childhood cousin fun (and chaos!) and be IN the moment enjoying it as well.  

I'm behind in my Slice of Life challenge, but we sure had fun!  

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  1. This brought memories of visits to my cousins...oh how fun...and now to see all the nieces and nephews playing. I am so glad you are able to be IN the moment...and not stress about being behind. Having fun with your family is more important. Loved the pictures...the little ones looks ready to play....and it looks like they will soon have another cousin to join in the fun. Jackie