Sunday, March 16, 2014

YAB Spring Writing Bootcamp 2014 (SOL 2014 Day 16)

I'm late to the party, but have just joined in the YA Buccanneers Spring Writing Bookcamp (March-May) and couldn't be more excited!  So March will be filled with not ONE, but TWO amazing writing challenges.

I've been added to Team Denali (the Great Ones!) and although I've come in late, my team captain has been incredibly helpful and supportive.  I actually wrote nearly 1000 words on my YA novel-in-progress today during a word sprint she posted via Twitter!  My goal is to actually reach that magic 1000 number for a total word count today.

Yes, writing (finishing) a novel is important to me (publishing one--or several!--- someday is also on my bucket list) so moving forward in my goal is lovely, but what really makes this is extraordinarily valuable to me is that when I'm pumped about writing, I can pass that energy along to my students and colleagues who also write.  We grow stronger by boosting one another up.  THIS is the type of competition I enjoy--the kind that makes us ALL better. In fact, the power of these challenges is so apparent to me now that I intend to create some challenges in the same vein specifically for my students---for both reading AND writing.

Keep reading.  Keep writing.  Keep moving forward!

edited to add this great bootcamp BINGO that outlines some of my goals!  
a huge thank you to Heidi Sinnett for all the inspiration!


  1. I am really curious what kind of writing challenge would you create for your students? Kudos for writing so many pages on your YA novel!

  2. Thank you! As far as the writing challenges, I've tried doing the YWP of NaNoWriMo for the past few years, but it is difficult if I don't have a lot of teacher buy-in (they love the idea, but testing prep wins in the end, unfortunately). I'm thinking I'll create a BINGO card much like the one my YAB team captain created for us (I'll post that one in just a bit so you can see it!) and see if I can create an interactive one that can be posted on the school library website. With older kids I would utilize Twitter and Instagram for sure in word sprint challenges, and of course try to host a couple of dedicated writing times before and after school per month. This way EVERY kiddo who is interested can write on their own time, but still be rewarded/challenged/supported through the process and take part in the fun that comes with a community of writers being involved. Whatcha think?

  3. I am so excited about your writing challenges! I am very impressed that you are working on a novel. That is really hard work and I admire you for it! :)

  4. Inspiriting post!
    Revved up about writing -- a terrific contagion.
    I have not ever desired to write a novel. It seems extraordinary as a feat.
    I am, however, routing for you to make that mountain top!