Monday, March 24, 2014

Writing--follow your passion!

Today YA author ViVi Barnes visited my school to speak with some of our 8th graders about following your dreams and about writing.  I have to say, she inspired me as much as she inspired the kids----to not give up when it gets tough, to work hard, to find your passion and follow it with all you've got.  

She is the author of Olivia Twisted, a YA modern retelling of Dickens' Oliver Twist.  She is also a Nacogdoches native, which made her visit really inspiring to our kids.  They can see themselves in her, and if she can live her dreams coming from little bitty ole Nacogdoches they can, too, right?  Right!

This week, as I embark on the last week of my Two Writing Teachers Slice-of-Life challenge and another week of my YA Buccaneers spring bootcamp I feel a renewed energy.  Between ViVi's visit, and my beloved alma mater's Cinderella story visit to the NCAA championships (Axe 'Em!) I am reminded that anything is possible if you are willing to work for it.

This is a life lesson that is so important for my students to hear andfor me to be reminded of personally.  

Today was a GREAT day.  Let's rock this writing thing.  

Mrs. S


  1. She sounds interesting. Count meeting her among your life's blessings.

  2. DEFINITELY one of my life's blessings! thank you for your comment!

  3.'s the little things like this that keep us going. Anything IS possible, isn't it? :-) Great reminder, Sonja.

  4. Love author visits. Lucky you!
    I'll remember your cheer for the last week. I needed it.