Thursday, March 5, 2015

As seen this morning in the library...

My goal is to write a post each & every day this month for the Slice of Life challenge from the always fabulous Two Writing Teachers blog.

As a new-to-the-high-school librarian, I have been pleasantly surprised over and over again with my students.  Teens are just FUN to work with, man.  Yesterday afternoon we did a bit of spring decorating including a book display with books in a giant Easter basket along with some giant plastic Easter eggs.  Before we even had the table finished I had kids coming up to tell me how pretty it looked and how cool the giant eggs & basket were.  We even had a few ask if they could take selfies with the eggs!  This morning, two football players (and all-around nice guys) decided the two sides of the large blue egg would make eggcellent hats.  They cracked me up & were totally onboard with me posting the pics on our library Instagram page.  Who knew these would be such a hit?

Yes, there are occasions when I see students making  poor choices, but, for the most part, my day consists of seeing:

  • friends supporting one another through hard times
  • kids offering comfort when a friend is stressed
  • students working hard to complete assignments 
  • students chilling out with one another & being silly
  • kids recommending books they love to one another
  •  rousing games of chess & checkers
I've said it before, and I'll say it again:  I LOVE my job.  I'm so glad I made the move out of my middle school comfort zone and into this new world that is the high school.  I have found my place to make a difference. 



  1. I can tell you are perfect for the media center, not too much shushing, lots of spirit, a love of books, and a safe place for kids. Wow--I know you meant "eggcellent," but did you mean they "cracked" you up. Your Pinterest page is so cool--the football players are yolked. I think I better stop with the bad puns. You could get a philosopher to wear the egg and call him/her EGGSistential. Sorry if you saw this comment as PUNishment. I will be be back to learn more about your new venture into media--I love YA lit.

  2. ;) YES! love the puns! thank you for visiting my little blog & reading my post.