Friday, March 20, 2015

where did it go?

Day 20 of the Slice of Life challenge.

Spring officially begins the day my spring break officially ends.  Poetic?  Maybe. I still have the weekend, of course--and I'm hanging on to that with both hands.  

I'm not gonna lie---I feel discombobulated. I mean, SERIOUSLY, where DID this week go???

I have cleaned.  Not that you can tell it now with both kids and the hubby also home all week.
I have read.  But not enough.  Not nearly enough. (it is never enough)
I have hosted a Flat Stanley from Omaha.  Well, Flat Ricky.  We had fun with this!
I have cooked.  And had take-out. And gone out to eat.
I have napped. Ah, glorious naps!
I have walked. You know, in the 5 minutes it hasn't been raining this week.
I have watched movies.  Cinderella.  Harry Potter. Get On Up.
I have traveled. Glad Mom lives right outside Austin and not deep in it.  SXSW makes traffic crazy.
I have spent time with family. Fun times. Then arguing. Repeat.This is why we can't have nice things.
I have written. I have not missed a day of SOL.  (pats self on shoulder)
I have taken care of myself.  Hot baths. New Clarisonic. Favorite coffee. Dark chocolate. Red wine.
I have watched some basketball.  Axe'Em Jacks.

Oh.  Huh.  Guess that's where my week went.  


  1. It sounds like you have been very productive and are quite the rockstar! I haven't been nearly as awesome!

  2. You described my vacations and weekends, I have big plans, but in the end it seems like I've done nothing.

  3. I am feeling the same way, will be scrambling to get stuff done this weekend! You used my favorite word, discombulated. And I live in Austin (northwest), and we don't even try to head downtown during SXSW.