Saturday, March 28, 2015

last SOL Saturday

Day 28 of the Slice of Life challenge.

It is hard to believe that we are nearly at the end of our month-long SOL challenge.  I have enjoyed it tremendously and gained much from the experience. 

Writing is absolutely a daily habit now.  I should say, I generally wrote mostly daily before, but was not great about posting it--or sharing my writing in any way.  Actually writing is vital, of course, but the sharing is important, too.  Like my Fitbit actually tracks my steps, sharing my writing keeps me on track & holds me accountable with writing. I've played with form & style in my writing throughout the month. I've taken risks and been honest.

I have found over the years that I need a bit of a challenge to get moving and to stay the course, so I've signed up for the April Camp Nanowrimo as well as the YA Buccaneers' upcoming spring writing boot camp. I plan to slice on Tuesdays throughout the year, too.  I'm also looking forward to Kate Messner's Teachers Write virtual summer camp again.  

I have read so many amazing slices in such a wide variety of styles.  I've found new blogs to follow. There have been moments of tears as well as chuckles reading over the blog posts this month.  So much talent out there! I've learned to post comments much more regularly rather than just lurking. Comments are important!  I have been humbled and overjoyed to receive comments on most of my posts, as well.  Sometimes---if you never get comments---sometimes you think no one is out there reading what you write, or if they are reading it that it doesn't resonate with anyone.  It is a lonely feeling and can make you feel silly for sharing to begin with---and sometimes it makes you quit blogging for long bits because it seems like no one cares anyway.  I'm determined to let folks know I am reading them and their words are meaningful to me from this point on. 


  1. The sharing and the comments are great motivators. It really does help keep us writing, and the writing makes all the difference.

  2. Comments are appreciated. You nailed it when you said if we don't get them we begin to fret. This is a wonderful writing community, because of the comments I have felt safe to try new techniques play with the craft. I have felt empowered to write from the heart.
    Comments are important.

  3. I'm going to check out those other challenges you mentioned. Thanks for being an encourager in my life!