Wednesday, March 4, 2015

what a day

Every day this month I'll be posting as part of the Slice of Life challenge.

My assistant called me from the circ desk.  "Have you read your email?"
I hadn't.  I was smack in the middle of processing the first two rows of shelves in my genrefying project.*  I clicked over to my open-but-minimized email window and read the news. Late start tomorrow due to expected bad winter weather conditions.  The district admin called it fairly early today. 

Now, I love a good snow day as much as anyone else because here in East Texas they are rare gifts indeed, but I have to admit I'm just not as thrilled about tomorrow as most of my friends. I knew immediately I would have two upset girls.  My oldest, since she has been looking forward to tomorrow's field trip to a couple of museums in Houston (now postponed) and my youngest because the program she was scheduled to perform in had been rescheduled for tomorrow night from the last week of icy weather conditions (now cancelled).  

Now here we are at almost 9:30.  I'm exhausted having dealt with daily life at school, then daily life at home, with the additional drama of the afore-mentioned two girls.  My fitbit battery is almost dead (did I mention I misplaced the charger within minutes of opening the box?) and a toilet overflowed (such an understatement---picture the Mighty Mississippi flowing) while daughter-the-eldest and dear husband were at Lowe's buying something archery related.  We've fixed the issue, but am still working on washing and drying every towel in the house used to sop up the mess.  Daughter-the-youngest is crying because  she "doesn't want the cat to die" (the cat is fine.  daughter is tired and gets melancholy at this level of exhaustion. she is five. we had a neighbor pass away a few months ago and now we are very aware and concerned about death of loved ones.  tears over the possibility of death at least a weekly occurrence at this juncture.)

Maybe that extra two hours will do us all some good!

*genrefying going well for the first day.  got 2 rows of books labeled and new spine labels typed into the computer.  moving right along!


  1. I know how you feel about not being excited about snow days! I've had eight recently and it gets really old when you have a full agenda of things that you want to/need to accomplish.

  2. Wow! I wrote about stress today, and I can connect with your final paragraph...just feeling like everything is starting to build up at once. We have to just breathe - maybe the two hour delay will help you destress! #sol15

  3. Why does everything always hit at once? I hate those days!