Friday, March 27, 2015

countdown: a week in review

Day 27 of the Slice of Life challenge.

10 books added to the first purchase list of next year! (student & teacher requests)
  9 moments the Xerox machine had me about to throw wall-eyed hissy fits.
  8 coca-colas (I had to caffeinate HARD this week!)
  7 librarians at the meeting Thursday.
  6 awesome new Model United Nations projects to display
  5 days of Telpas testing going on upstairs.
  4 sections of fiction shelves now totally genre-fied.
  3 workshops/committee meetings after school.
  2 teenage boys crying in my office over love gone wrong.
  1 random dirty sock on the returned book cart when I walked in this morning.


  1. Must be the year for socks...we had a lidded container filled with water and a sock (clean) left in our library. Turned out it was being used as an eye compress for a student with severe allergies. The things you find in the library...Love the rest of your list, too!

    1. funny! at least it was being used for something! It was the weirdest thing to walk in and see this sock---I mean, huh? what? yes, it is always interesting to see what you will find in the library!