Sunday, March 8, 2015


Day 8 of the Two Writing Teachers Slice of Life Challenge

Another damp and gray Sunday. Pleasant enough on occasion, but a bit depressing when found in a long string of damp and gray days. Lovely with a fire in the fireplace, a hearty stew simmering on the stovetop and the smell of freshly baked bread in the air.  Even more wonderful if you add cozy favorite chair, a great book, and some hot tea. 

None of the cozy elements were to be found today. Instead, my home was filled with the entire family still feeling a bit questionable with tremulous stomachs from our encounter with rich fried foods Friday night for a birthday celebration and all of us rather cranky due to this and the springing forward of time.  I'm always thrown off with time changes, but the springing forward is the worst. Add to that a meeting which required me to shower and leave the house. In the rain.
And two fussy daughters. 
The husband?  Only semi-cranky.  ;)

Days like this I just want to hibernate.  I want to sleep my cranky away.  

I won't make my Fitbit quota for the first time since I began wearing it--
My stomach is still quite questionable--
Even watching Harry Potter didn't fix it--
Nor did a hot bath--

I'm thinking it is time to go to bed and hope for a sunny disposition tomorrow despite the weather forecast. 

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  1. Some days are just like that. Here's hoping you kibosh the cranky and wake feeling wonderful (or maybe semi-cranky will do)! Good luck!