Monday, March 21, 2016

13 is hard

Daughter-the-eldest is 13. 
13 is an interesting year. 
She vacillates between eye-rolling and heart-to-hearts, sometimes within a 10-minute span. 
Life is interesting these days as we both try to figure out how to navigate this new territory. 

In my work life, I'm everybody's school mama.  Kids come to me all day, not just for books & computers, but also for a non-judgemental listening ear and someone they know really cares. 
I am honored to be that person for so many.

At home, I am not quite as smart; not quite as witty; I'm real mama, and I get frustrated with eye-makeup remover left open on my vanity and used cotton swabs left near my sink. 
Neither of us is quiet, and both of us are so.much.alike, except that she is already taller than me by about 4 inches and 3 shoe sizes.

She is a Leo, I am an Aries.
We are both Slytherin. 
It goes without saying we butt heads on occasion. 

When she was little, I used to tell her each night that I love her beyond the moon and all the stars. 
That I love her more than all the all the water in the oceans.  That I love her more than chocolate.
I still do, but now, sometimes I tell her
To never let anyone tell her she is a yellow Starburst--
because she is a red ninja Starburst and not to forget it. 
Because 13 can be hard.
Because we are coming to the age where mama can't kiss the ouchies and make it all better. 

Oh, I want to do these next years right.  
I want to lift her and anchor her.
I want her to know her own self-worth and that of others.
I want her to have grit and tenderness.
I want her to be polite and take no crap.
I want her to know how very loved she will always be. 

Y'all, 13 is hard. 

This month I will participate in the Slice of Life Challenge!
My goal is to Write. Share. Give. each & every day of March.  
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  1. 13 IS hard. Your poem made me tear up thinking back to those hard days. Beautiful post.

  2. We are months away from 13. I'm not sure I'm going to make it. I'm thinking about moving out & coming back when she's 20. Just kidding... kind of. Lol

  3. Beautiful piece, Sonja. My son is 13. It is very hard. Your piece really brought me back to being 13 myself. I don't actually know how my mother tolerated me!