Thursday, March 10, 2016

Cookie Money

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You might not be able to totally understand the level of relief I will feel at tonight's Girl Scout meeting when I hand over my two daughters' cookie money, but man, I cannot WAIT.

This is year 7 with Girl Scouting for my oldest, and I've been her troop leader the entire time. Daughter-the-youngest is in year 2, and she is sort-of in my big girl troop, too, but mostly we just Juliette activities.  (for you non-Girl Scouts that means we kind of do things on our own.)

Y'all, I am OVER selling cookies.
I love to eat them.
I love my girls.
I love my troop girls.
AND...I am OVER selling cookies. 

I think it really started a few years back when we had a nasty old lady scream at my sweet little girls about "supporting a lesbian agenda" as we stood in front of the local Wal-Mart with our cookie booth. Seriously?  My girls were all about 8 or 9.  We were just trying to learn the art of selling to support our troop travel and craft goals.  The only agenda we were supporting was, perhaps, that of Weight Watchers after a few too many Thin Mints.  (yes, they are addictive, yes they DO freeze well, and they really SHOULD make you THIN if they are going to call themselves that, don'tcha think?) Ugh. A seriously unpleasant and unnecessary event that happened and threw a pall over cookie season.

And then my girls grew up.  Middle school girls just cannot sell cookies like the little bitties can, y'all. All the babies have to do is smile and bat their eyes, really.  My older girls are just over it, too, to tell the truth. 

But...we want to go on a European trip. That costs money.  We can only do extra fund-raising if our troop participates in the fall product & cookie sales.  I get it.  Life lessons.  

And so, we do what we have to do.  I'm ready to hang my cookie money-holder hat up for the year and I could not be more thrilled that in just about 15 minutes I'll get to do just that. 


  1. I hated organizing & passing all those cookies!

  2. I headed in to my local grocery store yesterday and promised the girls at the door I'd buy a box on may way out. I went out a different entrance and it was the cute little girls. I told them, "Sorry, but I sub often at the middle school & I want to buy from the older girls at the other door." Then I turned around and took my money to the older girls. I always tell them about my daughter who earned her Gold Award. Her troop went to Mexico and they went llama trekking. Great experiences! Glad cookie sales are done for you!