Saturday, March 5, 2016

Dabbling in the Creative

This month I will participate in the Slice of Life Challenge!
My goal is to Write. Share. Give. each & every day of March.  
Check out Two Writing Teachers for more info!

Daughter-the-eldest has a history project due Wednesday.  It is a multi-part project that includes researching various waves of immigration into Texas, learning about specific cultures, creating a diary as if she was the person coming over, making a dish from her assigned culture, and inserting a small family tree. 

It is a really cool project.  

It required a trip to our Hobby Lobby this evening to get all the supplies to make a creative "diary". She has a very specific and usually not cheap vision for most projects like this.  I can't complain too much--she gets that from me.  We spent two hours in that place with her excitedly gathering just the right supplies---and with me attempting to temper her a tinge so as not to spend down to the last dime in the coffers.  

While there, I found artist card packs on clearance.  I bought several packs to fulfill one of my latest creative visions--one I'll share in another post.  I'm doing my best to make time for creating again.  I am a better me when I dabble in the creative. I am not as good about making time for these pursuits during the school year as I am during the summer months, but I'm a work in progress. 


  1. Hobby Lobby! I could spend hours there too! I love these kind of projects but I often wonder about the families where money is tight and how this could put a strain on them.

    1. I think about that too---and also that the family tree part could be difficult for some kiddos. When I was a classroom teacher I tried really hard to give multiple project options to help with that.

  2. Since I've retired I've had much more time more art - love collage and mixed media. Enjoy your creative time!