Thursday, March 3, 2016


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I was awakened out of a dead sleep in the wee hours of the morning--about 3:00 am--by the sound of a woman screaming.  In those strange surreal first moments, I wasn't quite sure if it happened solely in my dream, or if I had actually heard something.  

And then the wild screeching scream sounded again.  Awake, I know without a doubt what I heard. There is an unmistakable eerie haunting sound that a bobcat makes.  Once you've experienced it, you never forget it.  

This wasn't happening in the far-off woods, folks.  This cat was right outside our bedroom window. I jumped up, and banged on the window with three rapid strong beats----and the noise stopped.  I didn't hear it again the rest of the night. (okay, so the woods aren't far off--until the logging trucks showed up a few months back we had a lovely woods right beside our house that now resembles a war-torn cornfield---but you get my meaning.)

Daughter the eldest mentioned she heard a child screaming the other night. Honestly, I just thought she was dreaming.   She has a history of very intense, vivid dreams.  I suppose the thought that it could be more crossed my mind briefly, but I pushed it aside with a "don't be silly" thought. I know better now. 

We've lived here 15 years and never in that time have we had such close encounters with these large creatures in our neighborhood.  

It is unsettling. 


  1. Holy moly! I've never seen a wild cat, although my husband once encountered one on a mountain road. We have coyotes in our suburban neighborhood, but I can't imagine hearing a bobcat outside my bedroom window! Keep your pets in at night, eh?

  2. Oh, I know that sound. Primal. It's so jarring. I'm a city girl who's been in the country for 20 years and I'm still unsettled by certain the bobcat shriek.

  3. This city girl gets excited when a turtle is in our backyard. I can't image a real wild animal!