Monday, March 14, 2016

A beautiful Monday

I have successfully slothed my way through the first weekend of spring break.  Now that we are in the actually "work week" phase, I am feeling refreshed enough to move from sloth to slacker.  I did make a Wal-Mart run today, so I feel like I accomplished something.  

Pardon the bragging, but I also did a couple loads of both laundry & dishes and gave daughter-the-youngest a bath, so honestly if I do much more today I'm afraid I'll over-exert and then where would we be?   Best to start slow. Wouldn't want to pull a muscle or anything.

I thought about working in the yard but then thought better of it.  It hit 90 here today, and I'm pretty sure I would have fallen flat out had I exerted in this sticky heat, y'all. I'll just refill my mason jar with some iced sweet tea and get lost in a book. Yep, that's what I'll do.

This month I will participate in the Slice of Life Challenge!
My goal is to Write. Share. Give. each & every day of March.  
Check out Two Writing Teachers for more info!


  1. Lucky duck! Sounds like you're doing spring break exactly the way you're supposed to! Enjoy! And thanks for your sweet comment. It made me tear up (in a good way) and I'm going to keep reading it so I can internalize the message. It was exactly what I needed! :)