Friday, March 18, 2016

Ugh. Just ugh.

Nothing was going right. I felt anxious, my stomach beginning to knot up, knowing that everything was falling apart. All these volunteers (bless 'em) had come in to read to the children (why on earth they brought the little ones to the high school was beyond me) but in doing so they managed to ravage my shelves and even my supplies.  Carnage was left in their wake, and my heart sank knowing I would be the one left to clean it all up.  No one was even listening to me.  I was shouting into the wind.  

In their mad hunt for supplies, they managed to knock over most of my personal belongings and my car keys were lost in the shuffle.  I wanted to cry, but I just called my husband instead.  He picked me up, and since it was Friday, I decided to come try to dig for my car keys the next morning when the place would be blessedly empty and I could think. 

Stupid, stupid me.  When we pulled up in the parking lot (which weirdly required trying to navigate an incredibly steep uphill climb) I realized that something was definitely going on, although I wasn't quite sure what it was. I asked the first kid I came to--and found that the school was holding a pep rally send-off for all the students who finally passed their EOC (end of course) exams before loading them up for a trip to a waterpark.  Even the band kids who didn't get to go to Hawaii were there--sans uniforms, of course. I mean, uniforms would be dumb.  

Glancing up I saw my assistant--who hadn't shown up to work all week--was there dressed for the waterpark, complete with her ducky lifesaver on.  I walked up and, trying to smile, asked her what she was doing. She curtly informed me that one of our student library aides had invited her to go to the waterpark, too, and she "certainly wasn't gonna miss that." 

My weirdly calm-yet-not-serene smile set in place, I just nodded and walked off, fuming inside.  At this point, I realized I hadn't dressed appropriately to see all these people.  Crappit!--was I even wearing my pants? Trying not to panic, I glanced down quickly.  I was carrying a very full--nearly overflowing, very heavy box  and, yes, thank goodness, I saw that at least I was wearing pants. True, they were skin-tight pajamas that resemble jeans but are actually leggings, but at least my bum was covered.  

Often waking is more jarring than going to sleep, but in this instance, I was greatly relieved to leave my dream state.  I'm guessing my subconscious is fully aware that spring break is winding down and a bit of back-to-work anxiety is creeping in!

This month I will participate in the Slice of Life Challenge!
My goal is to Write. Share. Give. each & every day of March.  
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  1. Dude! I thought this was real till the end. Lol Glad it was just a dream!

    1. it was so incredibly vivid that it FELT real until I woke. Even then, I had to keep convincing myself it was just a dream. mind on overload!

  2. I was hoping it was a dream and yes, a DREAM!!!!