Friday, March 25, 2016


Daughter-the-eldest recently had a really cool project in her Texas History class.  It was a multi-part project regarding groups of people who moved to Texas from other parts of the world.  One portion of this project dealt with food made in particular countries/cultures.  

The country she received was the Philippines. In a case of auspicious coincidence, I had just had a conversation with one of my students about her Filipino grandmother and her favorite dishes to make about two days before we were assigned this project. 

So I was given a recipe and I made the dish for daughter-the-eldest to take to school for their class Tastes of Texas day.  Oh, the heavenly smells!  In all this I really never expected to find such a delicious and easy-to-make dish.  Everyone in the family became a fan--so much so that tonight I repeated this recipe for our family dinner. You can find an easy version of it here if you care to try it yourself!

This month I will participate in the Slice of Life Challenge!
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  1. How wonderful! I love when we learn new things because of our children! Your moniker of "daughter-the-eldest" struck me as amusing, and I enjoyed reading about your connection between your conversation with a student and your daughter's project. Thank you!

  2. How cool you had the connection with your student and then were able to share that with your daughter.

  3. Serendipity for sure! How nice to have such a yummy outcome from a school project. :)

  4. I loved Taste of Texas day when I worked at the middle school. I would always sneak in and make a plate. :) So cool you were able to get a tried and true recipe from a student.