Thursday, March 31, 2016

All Good Things

We've made it to the final day of March, folks.  Every time I participate in this challenge I learn so much, both from the experience of daily writing and from reading all the wonderful slices being shared by participants. It expands my world. 

One takeaway is to keep the daily writing habit going.There were a couple of days I knew I was just getting some words down; a short SFD, if you will.  That's okay---I wrote.  I made the commitment and I stuck to it.  (It's okay if you had a different goal--but this was mine, and I'm proud I did it.) It created a disciplined daily habit that serves me far better than "waiting for my muse."

I met amazing people.  I met you through you beautiful, funny, bittersweet, painful words.  I met you in your day-to-day.  I met you in your family's past.  I met you on the page. You all inspire me more than you might know. Reading and commenting on the slices gave ME so much.  Thank you for fearlessly sharing yourselves in this way. 

I thank each of you who took the time to read my posts, and I thank each of you who commented.  As I wrote about in one slice, writers write to share/connect/communicate.  It is soul-nourishing to know something I wrote meant something to  you. It spurs me onward. 

April brings Camp NaNoWriMo, my carrot for daily writing in April.  My blog goes back to its normal library-entric self, the greatest librarian conference (the Texas Library Association's conference, known simply as TLA)will whisk me from my daily life and off into the fabulous world of all things bookish & techie, and I'll mark another year walking this fine planet of ours. April will be busy and wonderful and filled with adventures to inspire writing. 

I feel as though I'm leaving summer camp and want to hug all my new friends goodbye and tell you I can't wait to see you again next year.



  1. I always start March worrying I won't be able to blog everyday. And by the end I know I can do it!

  2. Impressed that you will write in April too. Happy writing!

  3. I feel the same way! Your summer camp analogy is so apt. :) Thanks for all your encouraging words this month.

  4. I feel the same way! Your summer camp analogy is so apt. :) Thanks for all your encouraging words this month.

  5. Congrats on making it again! My goal was the same: write every day, regardless. Thanks again for reading and commenting on my posts, it was such a boost! I must keep a daily writing habit, it will just be a little harder without feeling that someone will be expecting me to do so. Good luck to you and I'm sure I'll "see you around"! :)